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Your guide to buying, renting and selling UK property. Every episode we’ll feature property experts discussing a range of topics including tax, lending and market overviews.

Helping you to make better more informed decisions

Interview with Sam Molloy

Property Lawyer

For this edition Sam joined us to talk about all things legal. A senior Partner with PCB Lawyers he has been helping client invest in the UK property market for over ten years.

Interview with Rupert Smith

Founder letting company Complete RPI Limited

32 years in the UK Property industry Rupert started his own letting and management company at just 30 years old, Complete RPI Limited. On this episode we discuss the benefits and pitfalls of renting property.

Interview with Moubin Faizullah-Khan

Founder GetGround

GetGround believe that buy to let is a business and are striving to help embed more professional standard in the industry. During this episode we discuss the massive growth in the UK buy to let market in the UK and the benefits of company buy-to-let.

Interview with James Puddle

Property Investment Specialist and Founder of One Global

Real Estate agency One Global aims to be the connector in all real estate matters be it sales, leasing, design/furnishing, or even advisory and consultancy services. In this episode we discuss the overall outlook for the UK property market.

Interview with Neil Jensen

Founder UK Mortgages

During this episode we interview our very own Neil Jensen. We discuss everything you need to know about obtaining a mortgage for a UK property.